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We are completely dedicated to providing maximum precision solutions, backed by a team of experts committed to your success.


Our equipment design service combines the versatility of the modular approach with the reliability of conventional solutions. We understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer a range of options adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you require a standard solution or a custom configuration, we are prepared to provide you with high-quality equipment that fits your project perfectly.

Modular drilling:

  • Mobilization. modular equipment, They have easy disassembly for transportation.

  • Performance. Machines with the ability to obtain witnesses   HQ, NTW AND BTW.

  • Depth. Up to 900m (NTW).

  • Technology. It uses a pressurized hydraulic system using stored energy.

Conventional drilling:

  • Depth.  Conventional equipment achieves holes of up to 1500 meters.

  • Efficiency.  In large-scale operations, they can be more efficient due to their reduced need for frequent trips to refill supplies or fuel.

  • Technology.  Equipped with technology that increases drilling precision and facilitates the optimization of mining processes.


Our team covers comprehensive assessments in both the environmental and exploration arenas, from initial environmental baseline and exploration studies to closure assessment.

Our services include:

  • Meticulous sample preparation.

  • Analysis of concentrations of heavy minerals.

  • Specialized sampling of mineralization, stream sediments and rocks.

  • Environmental geochemistry evaluation.

  • Quality analysis of water.

  • Applied mineralogy.


We offer secure, high-quality services in data acquisition, processing, investment, interpretation and consulting, employing a variety of industry-leading geophysical technologies, such as:

  • Electromagnetism in the time domain (TEM).

  • Induced polarization (IP) and resistivity.

  • Magnetometry, Gravimetry, Magnetotelluric (MT).

  • Wellbore time domain electromagnetism (BTEM).

  • Controlled Source Magnetotelluric (CSAMT).


Our experience includes the creation of more than 100 Geological Maps in collaboration with the Geological Service of Mexico. We also provide:

  • Detailed interpretation of structures, faults, folds, and alterations, among other geological elements.

  • Generation of Digital Models and detailed characterization of the terrain.

  • Acquisition and integration of field data for geospatial analysis.

  • Specialization in remote sensing and image processing, integrating geospatial information with various spatial and spectral resolutions, including orthorectification, georeferencing, atmospheric correction, mosaics and spectral classification.


We support our clients by offering specialized services in the administration of Human Resources, complying with all the requirements of the Federal Labor and Social Security Law.

Our services include:

  • Personnel administration before the IMSS and INFONAVIT, taking care of the required procedures.

  • Review of payroll incidents.

  • Provision of training for staff development.

  • Payroll calculation and processing.


Our team, made up of 4 Mining Experts registered with the regulatory entity, offers a range of specialized services that include:

  • Cartographic research of areas with mining interest.

  • Preparation of final reports with conclusions.

  • Fieldworks.

  • Technical, legal and administrative consulting, including the preparation of forms for procedures, calculations of payment of rights, technical and statistical reports, as well as registration management procedures.

​In addition, we make requests for mining concessions, surface reduction and division, and expert reports. We integrate and prepare concession requests until title is obtained, and we also carry out requests for division, reduction and grouping of concessions.


With a track record of more than 1,000 completed studies, our logistics capabilities have been refined to provide the highest quality exploration planning. We have a team made up of highly qualified professionals, technologists and field assistants.

Our services include:

  • Exhaustive studies of the area in question.

  • Detailed personnel planning, mobilization logistics and camp establishment.

  • Processing and interpretation of the information collected, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results.

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